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As the electronics industry heads into summer, there are some signs that lead times for electronics may be shortening. Although the industry will not reach normal inventories in major chip categories until mid-2023, the Gartner Inventory Semiconductor Supply Chain Tracking Index predicts some normalization already this fall. Inventors of electronic gadgets are clearly counting on this - and are posting numerous offers on funding platforms in the hope of investment.

We've reviewed these campaigns and hand-picked a few creative and fun ones that still have time to finalize funding. We looked for electronics projects that have been funded multiple times, even if their campaign hasn't even ended yet.

The list includes everything from a cool electric scooter to an electronically enhanced lunch box that will heat or cool your food on the go. Some of these projects were fully funded within an hour of publication. All of them show a constant demand for electronic components. We believe this is one of the most promising indicators, supporting predictions that the global semiconductor industry will grow by 10 percent in 2022 and reach $600 billion for the first time in history, according to McKinsey.

Salt Stone : Natural cleaning of the respiratory tract

(Source: My Friend the Sea)

Initiator: My Friend The Sea

Funding goal: $10,000< /p>

Announced: $50 186

Supporters: 185

Location: New York

Description: “All the proven benefits of dry salt therapy in the comfort of your home. Get rid of allergies, strengthen your immunity and clean your lungs in just 5 minutes a day. "

Smartmi A1: the world's cleanest robot wet and dry vacuum cleaner

(Source: Smartmi)

Initiator: Smartmi Co. Ltd.

Funding goal: $5,000

Announced: $132,792

Supporters: 308

Location: New York< /p>

Description: “Ditch the mop and enjoy the easy way to clean all hard floors! The Smartmi A1 robot vacuum cleaner effectively removes both dry and wet debris, while self-cleaning mops. Also, keep dirty water separate from clean water, so unlike traditional mopping, you're never putting dirty water back on a freshly cleaned floor.”

Splach Twin: A budget premium twin motor scooter

(Source: Splach Bike)

Initiator: Splach Bike

Funding goal: $1,000

Announced: $267,004

Supporters: 231

Location: Los Angeles, California

Description: “Scooters Scooters are everywhere, but not the type that fits your needs for both off-road adventures and daily commuting? Already not!! SPLACH-TWIN was born to satisfy your longing for outdoor leisure and everyday city walks. With dual motors, you get twice the power and twice the fun. With 12 speed modes, TWIN can be set for maximum speed to get your adrenaline pumping, or the optimal range for your daily commute. It is the most ideal and affordable all-in-one green vehicle to unleash your inner daredevil & solve your first mile/last mile worries.”

NuraTrue Pro - wireless headphones with lossless sound

(Source: Nura)

Initiator: Nura

Funding goal: $20,000

Announced: $1,452,060

Supporters: 6,208

Location: Melbourne, Australia

Description: “Wireless headphones have always required compromises in sound quality due to limitations in wireless bandwidth, resulting in compression and artifacts that rob the details of your favorite music. That all changes with NuraTrue Pro, the first wireless headphones that support lossless audio via Bluetooth. Enjoy audiophile-grade sound wherever you go, with uncompressed and bit-perfect reproduction that would normally require expensive high-end electronics and a wired connection. Combined with our award-winning personalized sound, adaptive active noise cancellation and Dirac Virtuo-based spatial audio, NuraTrue Pro delivers the ultimate in wireless audio, tailored just for you.”

SunnySide: Solar - Lunchbox with self-heating/cooling

(Source: SunnySide)

Initiator: SunnySide

Funding goal: $10,000

Announced: $135,784. >

Description: "Packing a lunch has its advantages. It's cheap, nutritious, and knowing exactly what's in your food is much more appealing. Say "no" to fast food and unhealthy lunches - quickly prepare food at home and eat healthy on the go! Introducing SunnySide… A revolutionary smart take on the traditional lunchbox. A one-of-a-kind solar powered self-heating lunch box that makes lunch your favorite time of the day. The built-in thermometer in combination with the sensor application allows you to control the temperature of the lunch box, keeping food fresh, healthy and filling at the same time. This solar powered lunch box not only keeps your tasty treats fresh for 20 hours, but also heats up your food in minutes when you need it with innovative induction heating technology.”

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Source: electronicproducts.com


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