800mA matte DC servo controller for automotive and industrial applications


Called the ZXBM5408Q, the operating range is from -40 to +125°C and from 8 to 18 V (up to 45 V transient) and up to 800 mA (1.5 A peak).

It integrates internal resistors and voltage- and temperature-compensated amplifiers, as well as programmable resistors for forward setting hysteresis, inverse hysteresis, deadband and angular gain.

“To protect the motor coil by stopping the motor and disconnecting the output stage, the ZXBM5408Q provides protection against faults such as a range short to ground, a short to supply voltage or a broken wire,” according to the company. "In case of low and high supply voltage, the device turns off the output drive. Overcurrent protection monitors the output current and shuts down the output stage with periodic retries. Shutdown in case of overheating provides thermal protection of the device.”

Source: electronicsweekly.com


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