The antennas are 1.6mm tall for 5G and 4G IoT


Alcor (SZP-C-2L22) is a 5G surface mount antenna designed to operate in the 617 MHz to 6 GHz range "and a backup option for 4G - 3G -2G," the company said. It occupies 40 x 10 mm. Size 40 x 13.5 mm.

Atria (SZP-C-2L23/2L24) covers 698 MHz to 2.69 GHz and “also returns to 3G – 2G", although it measures 30 x 7 mm " and requires a small amount of free space [30 x 12 mm]. Don't be fooled by claims of small antennas, which often require a much larger clearance area," it said.
The average efficiency is in the range of 50-60%.
She walks from the left. and right corner mount versions.

See datasheets for measurement caveats - both are at the ends of fairly long ground planes.



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