Risc-V Day: Microchip adds Risc-V hard IP to PolarFire FPGAs


Called the &# 8216;PolarFire SoC', the architecture enables real-time deterministic asymmetric multiprocessing on Linux platforms in a multi-core coherent CPU cluster, according to the firm, which worked with Risc-V specialist SiFive. to create devices

Real-time operations are included for security-critical, system management, and trusted execution environments.

This is achieved by disabling CPU branch predictors, converting level 1 cache to tightly integrated memory, ensuring that all cores are aligned with the memory subsystem and share the aligned memory for message passing.

Four cores execute the RV64GC instruction set. To monitor them, there is a fifth 64-bit Risc-V, which this time executes the RV64IMAC instruction set. All five can work in concert.

Risc-V versions inherit security features from existing PolarFire FPGAs, including: DPA-resistant bitstream programming, tamper protection, cryptographic tied supply chain assurance, physical fault-cloning functionality, true random number generator, and side-channel resistant crypto - co-processor.

In addition, according to Microchip, the processors will have secure boot (128 Kbytes of boot flash memory), physical memory protection and, on all types of memory: one-bit error correction and two-bit error detection. The firm also claims protection against Specter and Meltdown.

Before the chips are available, Antmicro's open source Renode framework can be used, and Microchip has created a 'HiFive Unleashed Expansion Board' to work alongside the HiFive 'Unleashed Development Board' - Microchip has named both boards together: MPFS-DEV-KIT.

For existing PolarFire FPGAs, Microchip has 'Mi-V' 32-bit Risc-V software cores that execute the RV32I (integer) instruction set, some with 'M' (multiply/divide), 'A' (atomic instruction), or 'F ' (single precision floating point).

Microchip presented at 'Getting Started with RISC-V' last week in London.

Source: electronicsweekly.com


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