Farnell signs Gateworks for industrial single-board computers Arm


“The SBC family is an important addition to the Farnell portfolio as Gateworks products are ideal for use in demanding environments. Designed from the ground up with components that can withstand shock, vibration, ESD and transient voltages in harsh and high-temperature environments."

The product may include voltage bus and board temperature monitoring circuitry, as well as an external watchdog timer that can power down the board if its software becomes unresponsive.

First up is the 'Venice' range, which has 64-bit Arm processing, Mini-PCIe slots, multiple Ethernet ports. “The Mini-PCIe slots allow for a variety of wireless options, including WiFi6 or 6E, 802.11AH HaLow below 1 GHz, 5G cellular, Bluetooth LE, Iridium satellite, and various 802.11,” Farnell said.

Source: electronicsweekly.com


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