The Global Semiconductor Alliance announces the winners of the 2023 GSA Awards


Last night, the Global Semiconductor Alliance (GSA) recognized the achievements of outstanding individuals and outstanding semiconductor companies at the annual GSA Awards. Please join us in congratulating this year's honorees.

Individual awards

Dr. Morris Chang Award for Exemplary Leadership
GSA's most prestigious award recognizes individuals like its namesake, Dr. Morris Chung, for their exceptional contributions to development, innovation, growth and long-term opportunities for the semiconductor industry. This year's laureate was Dr. Rick (Lich Shing) Tsai, CEO and Vice President of MediaTek.

Rising Women of Influence Award
This award recognizes the next generation of women leaders in the semiconductor industry. industries who are expected to rise to senior management positions in their organizations. This year's award was presented to Thi Tran, vice president of global external procurement at Micron Technology, Inc.

Company awards

The most respected semiconductor manufacturing companies
GSA members determined the winners in this category by voting on the industry's most respected companies, judged on their vision, technology and market leadership. This year's laureates include:

The most respected state-owned semiconductor company, achieving more than 5 billion dollars in annual sales

The most respected public semiconductor company that achieves 1 to 5 billion USD in Annual Sales

• Silicon Labs
Most respected publicly traded semiconductor company with $500 to $1 billion in annual sales

• Lattice Semiconductor

The nation's most respected emerging semiconductor company achieves $100 million to $500 million in annual sales

• Rambus
The most respected private company

• Astera Labs

Best Financially Managed Semiconductor Companies
These awards are based on a broad assessment of the financial health and performance of state-owned semiconductor companies. This year's laureates:

The best financially managed semiconductor company with up to $1 billion in annual sales

• Lattice Semiconductor

The best financially managed semiconductor company with more than $1 billion in annual sales


Startup to watch
GSA's private awards committee, comprised of successful executives, entrepreneurs and venture capitalists, selects the winner by identifying a promising startup that has demonstrated the potential to positively transform its market or industry through innovation and market application. This year the winner was

As a global organization, GSA recognizes outstanding companies headquartered in Europe/Middle East/Africa (EMEA) and Asia Pacific that have global impact and demonstrate strong vision, portfolio and market leadership. Two awards were presented in this category:

A prominent Asia-Pacific semiconductor company

• MediaTek

EMEA's leading semiconductor company

• Robert Bosch GmbH

Analysts' favorite semiconductor company
Two analyst awards were presented based on technology and financial performance as well as future forecasts:

  • Credo Technology Group was selected by Needham & Company, LLC
  • Macom Technology Solutions, Inc. was selected by Jefferies, LLC

This year's ceremony was attended by 1,500 global leaders in the field of semiconductors and industrial technologies.



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