Japan Space Imaging signs satellite thermal monitoring data Satellite Vu


Described as a multi-million dollar acquisition, the client is the Japan Space Imaging Corporation (JSI), which provides geospatial information, including satellite data, to the civilian and commercial markets in Japan.

Overall, JSI will be expanding its global portfolio images using high-resolution thermal data for any point on the planet provided by Satellite Vu.

"Our customers are already expressing interest in the unique capability that Satellite Vu brings to market," said Koji Ueda, CEO and President of Japan Space Imaging Corporation. "We can't wait to provide them with this innovative data and help them solve complex problems in a variety of areas, including threats to national security and climate change mitigation."


<p>Satellite Vu's EAOP provides customers with satellite power to support operational and business requirements, as well as access to Satellite Vu imagery, products and services.

Source: electronicsweekly.com


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