Reliable vibration, shock and temperature monitoring for machines


MPB10 Multi-Physics Box screws in harsh environments on industrial machinery including electric motors, pumps, fans and conveyor systems.

“The MPB10 provides service data to enable intelligent maintenance that can improve plant readiness, maximize service life, protect product quality and protect process quality,” according to the company.

Using micro-machined sensors, vibration is recorded to over ±8g on all three axes, as well as shocks up to 200g. Multi-level alerts can be configured to monitor vibration thresholds in accordance with DIN ISO 10816-3 in rotating machinery.

In stand-alone mode, it can transmit data via IO-Link to a machine control device, or it can output a simple alarm switching signal when values exceed preset thresholds.

Users have the ability to visualize real-time and historical data on customizable dashboards using the 'Monitoring Box' digital service. “Using the Monitoring Box, operators can also receive email alerts or provide data for integration into cloud applications,” it said.

According to the company, machine-dependent pre-processing can be applied: "Indicative vibration values in the time and frequency domain are much easier to interpret than raw data, helping to detect, for example, insufficient lubrication, bearing damage or motor imbalance."

The 28 x 28 x 19 mm stainless steel housing is IP68 rated and provides constant contact temperature data from -40 to +80°C, Seek said, even in dusty or humid environments.

The supply voltage is 10 to 30 VDC at ≤200 mA and <350 мВт.

It mounts with a single M3 or to curved surfaces using the included mounting plate, perfectly fixed near the machine bearings. An alternative to fastening is epoxy glue or welding.



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