50W DC/DC converters operate from 14V to 160V DC


There are also similar 75W converters, this time with an input range of 9-75VDC (8:1),

Quarter brick converters (pictured left), with the smaller 20W parts as well as the larger 200W parts in the pipeline (see below).

  • Called PYQ50 there are three 50W quarter brick versions with 12V, 24V or 48V output.
    Also part of the PYQ50 family is the 30W 5V Max Output Power.
    The operation is carried out in ambient air from -40 to +100 °C, but the reduction starts at 20 °C without forced air or heatsink.
    Isolation from input to output is 3 kV DC input to output, 2.5 kV DC input to base board, and 500 V AC to base board.
  • The 75 W converters, PYQ75, consist of five cells with outputs of 12, 15, 24, 28 or 48 V. Operation is in ambient air from -40 to +105°C, but derating can begin well below 0° C.
  • Input to output isolation is 3kV DC input to output, 2.1kV DC input to base plate and 1500V AC output base plate.

All are adjustable from -20% to +15% for non-standard voltages, peaking at 90% in this range.

Source: electronicsweekly.com


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