Rutronik UK will offer the NJR four-channel PMIC


One channel is directly connected to the 40 V (max) supply voltage and serves as the main controller for the secondary synchronous step-down regulators and LDOs. One of the two secondary regulators can be switched to LDO mode.

Each controller has its own connector for support power supply and allows input to control the output voltage during system power-up. The NJW4750 is driven either via an external sync input or via an internal oscillator, with a range of 280kHz to 2.4MHz. This design allows the use of compact coils, which further saves space.

Operating over a temperature range of -40°C to 125°C, the PMIC can be used to generate a 3.3V power supply with a maximum input voltage of 40V and a output voltage of 2.8V (LDO), 1.8V (channel 2) and 1.2 V (channel 3).

Applications include industrial controls, camera systems, IoT boards, photovoltaic sensors, single-board controllers, and especially compact peripherals and sensors.



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