Seraphim publishes predictions for the year 2023 for the space industry


The seven points include: mobile phone connectivity from space, commercialization of the moon begins in earnest, a trio of revenue growth drivers, a record year for new space agencies, the scale of private investment in 2023, SpaceX getting bigger a competitor, and regulation that stimulates the market for orbital services.

For example, VC writes about services in orbit:

“Space sustainability has become the number one priority for agencies and regulators around the world. While in 2022 the US Federal Communications Commission reduced the time frame for satellite operators to de-orbit their satellites after mission completion from 25 years to just five years, we expect regulators to introduce additional restrictions in 2023 due to startup licensing. This is great news for the growing list of companies offering debris removal, life extension and on-orbit maintenance and refueling.”

And regarding the commercialization of the Moon:



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