Nexperia's series of powerful GaN FETs are available from Farnell


GaN FETs provide low RDS (on ) and fast switching along with low Vf and low Qrr, says Avnet's Farnell. They are also robust and provide stable switching with strong bounce resistance, making them suitable for applications with reduced power loss in electric vehicles (EVs), 5G equipment and IoT devices.

The distributor says the introduction of the range is timely as FETs provide density and efficient power consumption in a small form factor, and help engineers meet legislation and the growing need to reduce CO2 emissions as the industry moves towards efficient power conversion and increased electrification.

GaN technology overcomes the limitations of technologies such as silicon-based IGBTs and SiC in power conversion, Farnell says. Especially in electric vehicles, GaN reduces power losses that can affect the vehicle's range. Increasing the efficiency of power conversion also reduces the need for cooling systems to dissipate the heat produced, reducing vehicle weight and system complexity, improving range, or providing the same range from a smaller battery. Farnell also notes that there are applications for high-power GaN FETs in data centers, telecommunications infrastructure and industrial applications.

On September 16, 2020 at 14:00 Kyiv Standard Time, Farnell is holding a conference on Power GaN technology. The webinar will provide an overview of Nexperia's cascode encoding technology, the advantages of hard and soft switching topologies and include a hands-on study of PFC on a 4 kW totem pole.



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