1.27 mm pitch connectors are reliable for military and aerospace applications


"Thanks to special material selection, manufacturing and heat treatment technology, TwistPin contacts withstand stress relaxation for up to 1,000 hours at 125°C," according to Powell Electronics, which stocks connectors. “Micro-D devices available in insulated and non-insulated wire, PCB, solder cup and flexible terminals, such as QPL or commercial variations, provide a reliable solution for connection requirements including high temperature and sealing applications.”

Contact capacity is 3A continuous over an operating range of -55 to +150°C, and the dielectric can withstand 600VAC at sea level and 150VAC at 70,000ft (~20km). Contact resistance is 8 mΩ max. (EIA-364-06) or 32 mΩ max. (low level, EIA-364-23). The service life is expected to be 500 connection cycles.

For RFI/EMI shielding, an attenuation of 65 dBh (EIA-364-66) is expected with a metal shell and ground spring.

Source: electronicsweekly.com


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