The UK's antitrust authority is concerned about Viasat's proposed acquisition of Inmarsat


The concern raised in the original objection relates to the provision of in-flight connectivity (IFC) for airline passengers. In particular, the deal could result in airlines facing higher prices and lower quality in-flight Wi-Fi, leading to elimination of a key competitor from the market. It defines IFC as a 'must-have' service for airlines and customers who want to stay connected during flights.

Another point raised by the authorities in their Stage 1 response is first-mover advantage. They highlighted that it is difficult for airlines to change supplier once they have installed a certain IFC system. They expressed concern that the new Viasat could effectively lock in a large portion of the customer base before OneWeb and SpaceX become more reliable options.

Panasonic, Intelsat and Anuvu are among the existing competitors, but CFA:



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