Bosch to offer UK IoT security procurement service


CyberCompare has &#8220 ;a team of cyber security experts in Germany and the UK,” according to Bosch. "The platform can compare prices from more than 7,000 providers of cybersecurity solutions and providers of enterprise IT, operational technologies and Internet environments things."

Electronics Weekly has asked for more details based on the comparison and the warranty it offers on purchased products - so watch this space.

Currently, the company stated: “The sheer number of available cybersecurity tools, software and vendors means that it is increasingly difficult for IT leaders to choose the solution that is most affordable and effective to meet their business needs. The platform offers consulting services related to the procurement and implementation of cybersecurity solutions that meet organizational security and broader organizational needs. Bosch CyberCompare on the 100% is independent and acts on behalf of the customer, has no vendor partnerships and has already gained significant experience helping over 200 external customers make cybersecurity decisions.”



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