Arm announces next GPU architecture for phones


The 5th generation “is designed to be the most efficient GPU architecture ever created by Arm [and] redefines parts of the graphics pipeline to reduce memory bandwidth, enabling high-geometry games and real-time 3D applications, and also providing smoother gameplay and a sophisticated PC and console experience for mobile and #8221;, the company said. "Deferred Vertex Shading is a graphics feature introduced in Generation 5 that redefines data flow, allowing partners to scale for more cores and higher performance points."

The high-end Immortalis-G720 is designed to work together with CPU clusters in particular, and Arm said it offers 15% performance and efficiency improvements over the previous G715 flagship, as well as 40% system-level efficiency improvements, resulting in higher-quality graphics for more immersive visuals. experience".

In addition to adding a deferred vertex shader geometry pipeline, the G720 supports tiles up to 64x64 compared to the G715's 32x32, has increased blending bandwidth for MSAA (multi-sample anti-aliasing), has increased texture renderer bandwidth for 64-bit-per-pixel content, and the ray tracing block can be closed.

The Mali-G720 is similar to the Immortalis-G720, with one major difference: Mali-branded G720 GPUs are limited to a maximum of nine shader cores, while Immortalis versions can have 10 or more.

Mali-G620 GPUs with one to five shader cores, trading performance for better power consumption and a smaller footprint. They "inherit Mali-G720's premium features, such as delayed vertex shading," said Arm.




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