The automotive chip controls 3,000 LEDs


It's called the MLX81143 and implements CAN-over-UART to drive individual LEDs, and the company claims it offers real-time color drift compensation caused by environmental changes and color mixing accuracy of less than 1%.

The product flyer promises “real-time update of >800 RGB LEDs without delay”.

Its 'MeLiBu' communication interface uses physical CAN-FD.

Qualification is AEC-Q100 compliant and part ID is ASIL compliant. It meets ISO 26262 functional safety requirements and supports ASIL B integration.

On board there is 32 KB of flash memory, 2 KB of RAM and 512 bytes of eeprom. Packaging:
5 x 5mm 32-pin QFN.

And. Its specification is only available in exchange for contact information.



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