Two separate 1 kV DC 120 A relays in one housing


Durakool devr10dp automotive-high-voltage-contactor

“This two-pole contactor is easy to integrate into high-voltage DC motor controllers that have higher pre-charge requirements. It is ideal for use as a contactor for pre-charging electric vehicles and as a main contactor contactor in small forklifts, mobile platforms, small electric vehicles and electric motorcycles,” stated Durakool product manager Ricardo Esquinazi.

Named DEVR10DP, it features terminal covers for both pairs of M5 connectors and comes in two basic types: one with two coils connected in parallel for simultaneous operation, and one with separate coil connections for independent or simultaneous use (see diagram).

The coils are not polarized, and the second version has a simplified wiring of auxiliary contacts.

"Each contactor inside can deliver 180A for 1 minute or 140A for 10 minutes," Esquinasi said. “This allows the DEVR10DP to be used as the main contactor in small electric vehicles when they need to accelerate or climb hills. Only once, in an emergency, can it break down to 600A 450V DC.”

The precharge and discharge contactors are used to switch high-power resistors across the interface between the battery and the motor drive to protect the main power contactors from the inrush current of the motor controller capacitor.

When the electric vehicle is turned off, the charge on these capacitors must be removed to protect against the possible risk of electric shock. "120A and 1000Vdc can meet most of the actual requirements for this application, where the precharge and discharge currents can be determined by the size of the resistors used," said Durakul.

It is so. 93mm wide and 79mm high including terminal covers.



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