Cincon AC and DC fanless modules save space


The single output fanless power supply has continuous protection against short circuit, over voltage and overheating. Suitable applications include space-constrained industrial applications, including automation equipment, instrumentation, telecommunication and network devices.

Universal input range from 90 to 264 VAC with outputs of 12, 24, 28, 36 or 48 V. . 100W AC and DC power supplies are rated at 100W (peak power is 120W for five seconds).

The inrush current is less than 8.5A with a low leakage current of 0.25mA and a no-load input signal, the power consumption is <0/5W. Efficiency is up to 94.5%.

The module integrates electromagnetic interference filters, bulk capacitors and output capacitors, saving space and reducing material costs.

The ambient temperature range is -40° C to +85° C, and the modules have an operating altitude of 5000 m.

The CBM101S is UL/CE EN62368-1, EN55032 and CISPR/FCC Class B approved and certified for Class I operation.



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