Wyld Networks Launches Global IoT Satellite Service


Examples of applications using satellites in low Earth orbit (LEO). these can be utilities and energy companies that monitor their systems and equipment without visiting facilities, collecting data for agriculture and management environment, and the tracking of goods and assets at sea or on land in global supply chains.

"The launch of the Wyld IoT satellite network service will allow us to connect low-power data to LEO satellites and deliver that data to customers who need it," Wyld Networks CEO Alastair Williamson.

&#8220 ;We look forward to connecting to meet the rapidly growing demand for 85% Earth's surface with little or no current service.' in Cambridge, UK, cites that the lack of global connectivity is holding back the growth of the Internet of Things from adding $2 trillion to global GDP over the next decade.

Wyld Networks

This is the Oxford meeting in Cambridge. Last month, Oxford-based Lacuna Space, a provider of global satellite communications for the IoT, partnered with Wyld Networks.

Source: electronicsweekly.com


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