More power/signal options for Gecko-MT Harwin connectors


There are six additional contacts, from 2 to 6 power contacts and from 4 to 24 signal contacts. To give you an idea of the size: the connectors are 5mm wide.

These new ones are unbalanced, with 10 A (maximum) power contacts at one end and 2 A (2.8 A maximum at just one) contacts signal on the other. Until now, they were all symmetrical and consisted of either 1+8+1 or 2+8+2 (signal contacts in the middle).

Contacts four fingers and beryllium copper.

"Like all Gecko connectors, these latest variants are highly shock and vibration resistant," according to the company. “They support a range of operating temperatures from -65 to +150°C and 1000 minimum mating cycles.” They are expected to withstand 100g of shock and 20g of vibration without loss of connection.

A range of hardware mounts are available for each pin arrangement, and male and female connectors can be supplied in both standard and reverse directions. correction.

There are front and back panel mounting options, as well as board mounting to reduce the stress on solder joints – A total of 72 additional Gecko-MT connector options.

Samples are available for evaluation, connectors are shipped from stock, and the company provides cable installation and inspection services if required.

Board-to-board, cable-to-board, and cable-to-cable applications are envisioned in the aerospace, aerospace, and high-tech industrial markets.

Harwin manufactures its connectors in Hampshire, UK.



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