CES: Synaptics turns to wireless connectivity


Two new workplace video interface chips, one supporting Display Port 2.1 and one offering integrated IoT connectivity to provide a more flexible and heterogeneous docking station. Both support ultra-high resolution and frequency up to 4K @ 144Hz with four simultaneous display outputs from a single chip.

Wireless Dock Development Kit! reduces desktop clutter and makes hybrid work easier. This demonstrates a solution for high-bandwidth wireless video performance and stability, allowing the display to illuminate when a connected laptop approaches, and the dock to be fully powered up before the user sits down. Expect a big win in OEM computer design later this week.

Surface Audio technology showcases the use of the mobile phone's surface to generate audio—instead of a typical speaker driver—to provide a more immersive audio-visual experience with high efficiency and a waterproof, portless design. It is applicable to any display system, from mobile phones to televisions

Synaptics is also launching what it claims is the lowest power, smallest and most accurate GNSSIC for IoT devices, featuring the 80%'s lower power consumption in the 30%'s smaller package with the 50%'s higher accuracy, longer battery life, smaller product size and improved performance location-based services (LBS) for IoT devices such as wearables as well as mobile accessories, asset tagging and tracking systems, drones, and vehicle navigation.

New local dimming technology in automotive display LEDs with a SmartBridge chip improves contrast and display performance for better visibility, and enables larger, higher-resolution displays at lower cost, higher efficiency, and greater form factor flexibility.

Finally, the recently acquired Emza human presence detection technology has been used by Dell and Panasonic laptops, which benefit from advanced machine learning (ML) algorithms to provide contextual awareness to reduce power consumption and improve ce privacy and security.

Source: electronicsweekly.com


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