CogniSat-6 CubeSat targeting artificial intelligence to improve image optimization


Under the agreement, CogniSat-6 will carry CogniSat's flight-proven (TRL-9) peripheral computing platform into LEO (low Earth orbit). It will provide reactive retargeting to optimize image collection in specific on-orbit defined regions of interest without any interference from ground stations.

The companies say this should enable faster response times for satellite pointing and pointing operations, resulting in the collection of more valuable data, significantly accelerating the return on investment.

In addition, the mission will be used to perform a selection of CogniSat applications to enhance the value of the available imagery. The companies say this results in a sixfold increase in usable data received by the ground station compared to transmitting uncompressed images and a twofold increase compared to using standard compression approaches.

“CogniSat-6 builds on the solid foundation of Ubotica's flight-proven technology to deliver the first AI-driven CubeSat mission with autonomous capabilities. CogniSat-6 also uses CogniSat's embedded peripheral computing for significant system savings," co-founder and CEO of Dublin-based Ubotica Technologies Fintan Buckley.

“For example, applications running on CogniSat-6 will increase the value of the system by expanding the bandwidth of the data system and reducing downlink costs. Satellite system developers are already telling us that this is a compelling proposition."

The mission will join the project: a global shared satellite infrastructure built and managed by Open Cosmos to provide anyone with access to satellite data to address challenges related to the climate crisis, energy and natural resources.

Rafel Jorda Siquier, founder and CEO of Harwell-based Open Cosmos, commented:

“We are pleased to announce that Ubotica will become OpenConstellation's first edge computing and AI partner. OpenConstellation attracts both private and public partners willing to share infrastructure to make data and information accessible to all. CogniSat-6 addresses the real needs we see from customers and will enable OpenConstellation users to implement complex AI-enabled system designs.”

Ubotica says it is currently hiring for certain positions to support planned growth.< /p>



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