Electronica: The 30 Gbps channel has virtualized channels for automotive data streams


Branded ADXpress for & #8216;automotive data express', “all raw sensor data can be transmitted via sensor-specific virtual data paths with deterministic latency to one or more evaluation units,” the company claims. "Sensors are possible connect to the ADXpress node via PCI Express, Ethernet or SPI. Currently, data transmission is carried out using electricity at a speed of 30 Gbit/s or using optical media at a speed of 4 x 24 Gbit/s - the data transfer rate is essentially limited only by the physical layer environment and the capabilities of the technology node.”

The company already has 'APIX', a serial data transfer of 30 Gbps. link for pixel data. Unlike APIX, the announcement says, ADXpress should be universal for pixel, Ethernet, sensor, lidar or radar data: it "opens up possibilities for network architecture and topology: video, for example, via PCI Express&# 8221;.

Its virtual data paths are transmitted in constant-size cells, with all cells taking the same path through the network (unlike Internet Protocol), so latency and jitter can be constant. Multiplexing, repetition, and duplication can occur at the data cell processing level independently of the service.

Source: electronicsweekly.com


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