Embedded World: Assembling an NFC receiver for smart things


"Potential applications range from medical patches and disposable testers, to data loggers, smart thermostats, smart locks and sensor inserts," according to the company.

An integrated circuit called the NGC1081 can be temporarily powered by a field NFC of the phone or continuously from a ~3.3 V power source - for example, a 3 V battery.

“ Together with the sensor's naturally galvanically isolated interface, these features open up countless possibilities for creating battery-free, low-maintenance sensor use cases. This is particularly useful for applications where the power supply must be galvanically isolated to meet safety requirements,” Infineon said.

Inside Arm Cortex-M0 microcontroller, NFC ISO14443 type A interface, 250mA 3.6V H-bridge motor driver, 12-bit SAR ADC with four analog inputs, analog output supported by 10-bit DAC, comparator, current-to-voltage converter and a thermometer (±0.3°C from 0 to +45°C, ±0.4°C below -20°C and above +85°C). There are also eight GPIO pins, some with PWM capabilities. SPI, I2C and UART interfaces are provided.

The system ROM library contains driver functions for configuring and controlling the H-bridge, and built-in security includes a hardware AES accelerator and a true random number generator.< /p>

"The availability of mobile phone connectivity enables the cloud-based business model," the company said. “This is supported by a mailbox concept that provides access control and security. Application-specific commands and messages from the open protocol interface can extend the protocol layer.”

Package VQFN-32.

Infineon at Embedded World 2023 in Nuremberg - Hall 4A Stand 138

Source: electronicsweekly.com


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