Molded SiC power modules for on-board vehicle chargers


"Our modules use 'New SiC technology to minimize losses and overall system volume, allowing developers to meet their charging efficiency and space goals,'" said Onsemi general manager Fabio Necco. “Accepting a preset modular format, designers can configure their projects faster, with less design risk.”

Work with transitions up to 175°C.

  • The NVXK2TR40WXT is a 1.2kV 40mOhm 27A H-Bridge
  • NVXK2TR80WDT is an H-Bridge 1.2kV 80mOhm 18A
  • NVXK2KR80WDT (depicted< /strong>) is a 1.2 kV, 80 mΩ, 18 A single MOSFET with six diodes for Vienna rectifiers. high-voltage batteries, while the Vienna rectifier version is aimed at the power factor correction stage of on-board chargers. "In the near future, six-component and full-bridge modules will be available to complete the portfolio of SiC onboard chargers," according to the company.

    The packaging is double row, top cooled and has serial numbers for tracking. It is also Pb-free and ROHS and UL94V-0 compliant.

    “Leakage paths and clearances comply with IEC 60664-1 and IEC 60950-1 standards,” On said. "In addition, the modules meet AEC-Q101 and AQG 324 standards for automotive use."



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