Halio adds a PCIe 208Top/s CPU board and an entry-level IC


Called 'Hailo-8 Century', the PCIe card clocks in at 400fps/W on the ResNet50 benchmark, while the highest-performance version can run the same test at 10,000fps.

Versions start at 52Top/s and video processing programs are provided in the deployment multiple cameras for security, retail and smart cities.


The IC, called Hailo-8L, runs at up to 13 Top/s and is "designed to support entry-level products that require limited AI power or lower performance," according to Halio. It can run ResNet50 at 500 fps.

“Hailo-8 is now available for a wider range of applications and products, serving both demanding and entry-level use cases, as we move the industry forward in an era where efficient, scalable AI edge processing is increasingly critical to business,” said CEO Orr Danon .

The company has a compiler that deploys neural networks in its products that works with AI frameworks including Keras, TensorFlow, PyTorch, and Onnx.

For TensorFlow and Onnx, it has a library of pre-trained models and tasks.

Halio AI ICs must work with a host processor for which a software package and example programs are available.

Founded in 2017, Tel Aviv-based Halio has more than 200 employees and $220 million in revenue.

Source: electronicsweekly.com


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