Better than TO247 SMD top cooled package for 650V auto MOSFETs


'QDPAK TSC' – Top Cooled Pack (see image), announced earlier this year and now registered with JEDEC – at the same time something similar was discovered for TO220 called DDPAK.

By selecting the 650 V 17 mΩ (max) IPDQ65R017CFD7A, it can handle 86 A at 100 °C (136 A at 25 °C) and work with its connection between -40 and +125°C.

The junction resistance to the case is 0.18°C/W, and up to 694 W can be dissipated at 25°C.

The total gate charge is 236nC at 400V 61.6A drain and 0-10V gate. A separate source connection is provided to drive the gate to aid commutation.



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