Not all hand gestures of motorists are offensive


There are many options for setting up various comfort and convenience features in the vehicle, but manipulating buttons, knobs and especially touchscreens requires drivers to take their eyes off of them. Gesture recognition allows you to give drivers a new one with a single hand movement the way to control the interior climate, lighting, windows and infotainment systems.

Many in-car sensors are time-of-flight or camera-based, and lack the intelligence or ability to serve multiple applications. Imagine if the same devices used for gesture control could also detect the movement of a child left in a car, or alert car owners when intruders are trying to break in, even when the car is turned off. Instead of multiple sensors, one multifunctional sensor can be used in different modes to solve these scenarios.

Gesture control and sensors in the cabin

Millimeter wave radar (mmWave). the technology allows systems to detect multiple gestures such as swipe (left to right, right to left, up down, down up) without using contact buttons or handles. In the case of the AWR6843AOP antenna-on-package (AOP) mmWave sensors, gesture detection is possible even through materials. The compact form factor allows you to place them in different positions of the car, for example on the upper console or on the instrument panel.



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