Single-core SD cards and microSD cards for industrial reliability


"When it comes to reliability, integrity and data retention, technology with only one stored bit per cell is still unmatched," according to the company. “Only a single-level cell provides 100,000 program erase cycles, making it ideal for applications that require particularly reliable and durable storage solutions. This is especially true for edge IoT applications in critical industrial environments.”

The devices, called the S-600 series, use the new Hyperstone S9 controller, specially designed for industrial flash memory.< /p>

"The unique functions of the firmware guarantee an extended service life of safe and reliable storage of even the smallest data. First-class data preservation and integrity is ensured in all situations: under conditions of high temperature, due to intermittent recording or sudden power failures", claims Swissbit. Operating range from -40 to +85°C.



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