TDK adds more voltage options to 7.5 kW 1U rack-mount power supplies


New values 0 -30 V (250 A), 0-60 V (125 A), 0-80 V (94 A), 0-200 V (37.5 A), 0-300 V (25 A) and 0 -1000 V (7.5 A) slot between them.

Devices require three-phase AC power. Versions are available for 170 to 265 VAC or 342 to 528 VAC. Power factor correction is included, and the operating efficiency is up to 92%.

For versions with output voltages up to 100V, the output is via two thick copper plates protruding 65mm from the rear of the case, each with two 10.5mm bolt holes on the output cables. Versions above this voltage have shorter blades with one 8.5mm hole each. For parallel operation, there are two sets of busbars: one for power up to 30 kW (four units) and the other for up to 45 kW (six units).

Along with dynamic response, ripple and noise performance comparable to that of a single PSU," said TDK. “Up to 12 devices can be connected in parallel by connecting a single data cable between the devices and connecting the DC outputs. The command and auxiliary units are automatically configured by detecting the parallel data connection and setting the appropriate parameters.”

The 423 x 486.5 x 43.6 mm size allows for 'zero stack rack mounting'. The weight is <8,5 кг, а охолодження здійснюється за допомогою вентиляторів із автоматичною змінною швидкістю.



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