Sierra Space and IBM have signed a Memorandum of Understanding for space-related technology and software


Specifically, they plan to coordinate astronaut workloads using Sierra Space's data collection and analysis technology. They also envisage “creating an integrated technology platform in space” to support low-Earth cloud computing orbit (LEO) and providing mission operations.


Sierra emphasized the need for industry expertise to solve problems in space.

“Efficient hybrid space platforms will allow us to derive previously untapped value from the growing amount of data generated in space,&#8221 ; CEO of the company, Tom Vis.

"Together, we will use secure AI to create new opportunities for Sierra Space, IBM, the broader orbital ecosystem, and the new space economy."< /p>

Memorandum of understanding

Regarding the Memorandum of Understanding, IBM envisions the growth of a "robust space economy" in low Earth orbit and beyond.

"There is unlimited potential in space for the future of humanity," said Naeem Altaf, CTO of IBM Space. "We see Sierra Space as a key leader and partner in advancing this vision."

“In this predictable, yet secure, environment, collaborators and partners will be able to innovate, co-create and collaborate together at scale in ways that mutually benefit the space industry as a whole. As we move forward, IBM looks forward to working with Sierra Space on a number of initiatives to accelerate new and innovative opportunities for LEO and the new space economy.”

Image: Sierra - An artist's impression of a computerized space station

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