Four balancing scheme for 3.0 V supercapacitors


Like other balance chips in the company's range, it does not use op. - ampere and reference voltage. Instead, it has four finely tuned MOSFETs that act as shunt regulators when connected gate to drain.

Called the ALD810030, its MOSFETs typically have the following characteristics VI:

    <li>2.80 V 0.01 µA
  • 2.90 V 0.1 μA
  • 3.00 V 1 µA
  • 3.10 V 1 μA
  • 3.24 V 100 μA
  • 3.34 V 300 μA
  • 3.52 V 1 mA

"MOS transistors can balance two to four supercapacitors with a very small voltage difference and dissipate no power beyond the difference in leakage currents," according to the company. They "offer a simple and effective method of balancing and adjusting supercapacitors."



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