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NGK will showcase its IoT power supply, EnerCera®, and unique ceramic technologies such as gallium nitride (GaN) wafers and bonded wafers.

Additionally, on November 16, Dr. Makoto Iwai of NGK Europe GmbH plans to give a presentation on EnerCera's potential for implementation of maintenance-free solutions by combining WPT and energy harvesting.

Temperature and humidity control and quality visualization from winery to customer.

EnerCera, a power supply for IoT devices

EnerCera's ultra-compact and slim rechargeable Li-ion battery is a high-temperature-resistant rechargeable battery capable of withstanding temperatures up to 105°C. It is very durable due to the use of ceramic electrodes and can be used as a backup power source for devices and sensors operating in harsh environments such as manufacturing automation (FA) and factories.

One of the unique features of EnerCera is its ability to store even small amounts of electricity due to its low internal resistance. Combined with energy harvesting technology, power source technologies such as photovoltaic cells and wireless power transfer (WPT), EnerCera enables autonomous IoT devices that can be used for long periods of time without battery replacement, such as temperature and humidity monitors for logistics.

EnerCera lithium-ion battery.

Cooperation for various programs

NGK will present application examples through videos and AR (augmented reality) exhibits that will allow visitors to experience specific usage scenarios for autonomous IoT devices using EnerCera. Additionally, a solar-powered indoor/outdoor position tracking device is on display for the first time at the show. Combining photovoltaic cells with EnerCera eliminates the need for battery replacement and charging required by conventional trackers, thus making the tracker maintenance-free. EnerCera can be used as a wearable device and helps save labor by visualizing the flow of workers in factories and increasing the efficiency of operations. To develop solutions, NGK actively cooperates with such partners as Panasonic Corporation, Exeger Operations AB, TOREX Semiconductor Ltd., Fujikura Ltd. and many others.

GaN wafers

At the stand, NGK will present a semi-insulating GaN wafer and a conductive GaN wafer for laser diodes and power devices. The GaN plate exhibits a lower dislocation density, formed by NGK's own method of liquid-phase crystal growth. The GaN wafer has a small number of crystal dislocations, which improves the performance of radio frequency devices for 5G and 6G wireless base stations, various radars and satellite communications.

Connected plate eRs
The stand will also feature new bonded wafers made of piezoelectric material, PZT and monocrystalline silicon as a base substrate. They are realized using the technique of direct gluing and high-precision polishing. Combinations of different materials allow bonded plates to provide performance and functionality over plates made from a single material, such as suppressing thermal expansion, providing mechanical strength, and increasing thermal conductivity. Plates bonded with sintered PZT can be used for MEMS speakers and range sensors used for example in autonomous driving. The base substrate can be selected from any material such as silicon, sapphire, crystal or glass.

GaN wafers, large diameter wafers (made of semi-transparent alumina ceramic), bonded wafers.

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Presentation details

Date and time: November 16, 2022, 2:30 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. in room B3.540

Topic: A new solution for maintenance-free IoT devices with EnerCeraⓇ semi-solid Li-ion rechargeable batteries

Speaker: Dr. Makoto Iwai. Manager, New Value Business Group, NGK Europe GmbH

About NGK Insulators, Ltd.

Founded in 1919, a leading ceramic company, NGK has used its unique ceramic technology to develop numerous products that address social issues, focusing on two business areas: "carbon neutrality" and "digital society".

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