Massachusetts launches portal for companies seeking funding under the Federal CHIPS Act


The Center for Advanced Manufacturing at MassTech (CAM) has launched a new online portal that creates a single "digital front door" for Massachusetts companies preparing proposals for the federal CHIPS Act, a major $50 billion federal initiative designed to "strengthen and restore US leadership in semiconductor research, development, and manufacturing."

Some federal funding opportunities under the CHIPS Act, such as the Commercial Plant Funding Opportunity Notice launched in late February, require applicants to identify state or local incentives in a company's federal grant application. CAM, in partnership with the Executive Office of Economic Development, the Massachusetts Office of Business Development (MOBD) and numerous other state agencies, launched a new portal to streamline the process for Massachusetts-based organizations to identify, interact with and access state program funding, helping them develop a complete application with a letter from the state indicating its offer to provide appropriate compensation for the proposed project.

“Massachusetts companies are well positioned to apply for and win these programs. CHIPS dollars", said Carolyn Kirk, executive director of the MassTech Collaborative, the parent organization of the Center for Advanced Manufacturing. "The online application form provides an expedited way for companies to request state support and receive a response that meets federal application deadlines."

"With CHIPS, we have an amazing opportunity to expand our state's key semiconductor and microelectronics research and development and workforce training, helping to develop products that are critical to our digital economy and our nation's security." Christine said. Nolan, director of the Center for Advanced Manufacturing at MassTech. “Over the years, Massachusetts has launched numerous state programs that offer matching funds to federal investments, including our Mass Production Innovation Initiative grants, which have supported more than 80 innovation projects across the state. We are looking forward to reaching out to Massachusetts companies to talk with them about their CHIPS offering and to determine what state programs might make sense for their offering." a letter demonstrating the offer of the incentive(s) at the time of application, which may include contingencies, but the contingencies must be cleared and the incentives provided by the time of the federal award.

the new portal includes a list of programs, including:

Program Lead agency/office < /th>
Capital investment for CHIPS initiativesMass. Technology Collaborative (MassTech)
Energy savingMassachusetts Clean Energy Center (CEC)
FinancingMass development
Tax benefits for productionMass. Department of Revenue (DOR)
MassWorks Infrastructure GrantExecutive Office of Economic Development (EOED)
Tax incentives for job creationMass. Office of Business Development (MOBD)

& Economic Development Incentive Program (EDIP)

Workforce Training/Safety TrainingExecutive Management of Labor and Labor; Workforce development

After the application form is submitted, state production unit managers review the submissions and contact the companies to discuss their requests and introduce the appropriate state agency or agencies that administer the covered state incentive programs, and the appropriate agencies provide guidance on accessing the designated program.

Also as part of CHIPS, the Massachusetts Center for Advanced Manufacturing and more than 85 organizations from across the Northeast submitted a proposal to the federal government to create the Northeast Microelectronics Coalition, a regional hub that will advance the microelectronics needs of the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD), an effort to create new jobs, workforce training opportunities and investment in the region's advanced manufacturing and technology sectors. The coalition submitted a proposal to the Defense Department's Microelectronics Commons program, funded by the CHIPS and Science Act of 2022, which aims to locate microelectronics and semiconductor technology manufacturing onshore and support workforce training for those industries.

In it, Governor Maura Healy outlined the potential for Massachusetts to benefit from CHIPS funding.

"This is a unique opportunity for every generation to invest in cutting-edge sectors that will be critical to our nation's national security and ensuring Massachusetts companies have the resources and workforce they need to succeed." Governor Healy said. "We are pleased to offer this competitive proposal to support the industry by keeping Massachusetts at the forefront of innovation."



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