Qualcomm puts cockpit and ADAS functions on a single chip


The Flex SoC provides a hardware architecture to support isolation, non-interference and quality of service (QoS) for certain ADAS functions and is equipped with a dedicated Safety Island Level D (ASIL-D).

The chip pre-integrates a software platform that supports multiple operating systems concurrently, hypervisor activation with isolated virtual machines and a real-time operating system (OS) with an open automotive system architecture (AUTOSAR) to meet the mixed critical workload requirements for driver assistance safety systems, digital reconfigurable clusters, infotainment systems, systems driver monitoring (DMS) and parking assistance systems.

the device features a Snapdragon Ride Vision stack that provides ADAS functionality with a front-facing camera for regulatory compliance, as well as multi-modal sensors (multi-camera, radar, lidar and maps) for enhanced perception that creates a model of the environment around the vehicle fed into vehicle. control algorithms.

Source: electronicsweekly.com


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